Successful Squash Girls Can in Dorset Session 1 – 2 Feb 2019

Hi Girls/Ladies,

WOW what a fabulous session today with an impressive turn out of 25 girls and ladies and all 4 courts busy the entire time.  Brilliant ???? 

For those not at the session we had the Training room as a base station, place to leave bags, information, contacts exchange and refreshments ‘recharge station’  tea/coffee/juice, cake/biscuits/fruit.  We had a bit of an introductory chat about the aims and what we hope to achieve.  Wanting as much the feedback from all players (new and returning) and parents as to what sessions they might like so we can look to get more in place.

We had an ideas sheet – which we will have at all sessions but please feed back any thoughts and ideas at any time.

The idea was to network and start building a social scene and some contacts, definitely achieved so now we need to keep this up, more players spread the word, keep encouraging new players/friends to give it a go. And I think we have already established we can get a ladies session on a Friday evening maybe at Ferndown or BSC – keep talking ladies and lets get on court more.

Thank you all who came, look forward to meeting more faces again at the next ones 9 March & 27 April.  If you want to be in touch with someone and didn’t get their details I can link you up just message me.  I’ll keep ladies information flowing on the “Squash Girls Can in Ferndown” Facebook page for updates.

Thank you also for your £3 contributions it covered court hire and goes some way towards refreshments & our marketing costs.

One last question – are you OK if I use your emails to register you attending this session? England Squash are trying hard for us to promote the sport especially to ladies and are interested in the numbers through programmes around the country, we may get funding too – this will all help and I think we have a ‘Good News’ story here.  I will also forward on a separate email the latest England Squash Newsletter so you can see what is going on in the sport.  There are many benefits of joining, including discounts, information, learning tips and what’s going on.  Have a look at the link.

How the afternoon worked …..

We split into 4 groups to use the 4 courts:

Court 1 – Gemma took the lead with our more confident juniors (6 girls: Amy C-W, Charlotte, Amy S, Abi, Izzy & Lara) to give them some game/match mindset ideas, then one pair play and the other analyse the game through discussion.  Great experience coaching from our current top Dorset Lady player.  Amy Campbell-Wynter was also in this group and able to add her tough squash match experience at Junior National & International level.

Court 2 – Bev took the lead with our lady players and older juniors newer to the game.  (Angela, Emma-Clare, Juliette, Ella & Heidi).  With 5 in this group there was some good introductory level play.  Mums with children playing, ladies new to the sport and just starting out and some juniors that are beginning to develop a bit more power.

Court 3 – The was the ladies who play intermittently and to a good rallying standard of various levels (Silvia, Jo, Reena & Becca) the 4 ladies on this court did some self led routines after 3/4 court and then went on to play each other.

Court 4 – Sophie took the lead with ‘our Future of Squash girls’ well this group were amazing (Eadie, Tara, Myah, Katy H, Kate L, Bethany and Poppy).  With an age range of 7 – 11 there were some great hand eye coordination skills developing and lots of fun being had on court.

After a short break (with refreshments) and a photo shoot before getting back on court and playing as many games as possible.  We had one court with 3/4 court and 2 others with rotating games.  The youngsters kept at it on their court.  WELL DONE everyone – fun afternoon.

Sam Stewart
07968 145656

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