Canford Junior Tournament Report

It was fantastic to see 32 young players down at Canford on the last Sunday of the half term break. We had four groups of eight, playing a monrad system to ensure everyone got three matches.

Many were here for the first time, with a few confused parents wandering the grounds to start, but all came good in the end and there was some superb squash on display across the groups.

Our stronger competitors were in Group A, with county players Nia Edwards and Isabella White making up an all-girl final. The first game was tight and could have gone either way, with some cat and mouse tactical play up and down the back corners, but Annabella nicked it and grew in confidence to take the match 2-0.

The B final was between Ben Stewart and the tall Matthew Sheldon. Matthew was used to grinding out matches, having had two close games already to reach the final and he looked set to do it again, but Ben had other ideas having had a great run through the competition and was determined to upset the odds, eventually taking it 2-1.

The C final was between Charlotte Jones and Ollie Keeling. Ollie really impressed in his semi-final match with a surprise victory against Eleanor Ward, but Charlotte was just too strong, not dropping a set in the competition and definitely one to watch going forward.

The Group D final was between Bradley Dunstan and Will Graham. Will looked good throughout the tournament, not dropping a game to the final, but Bradley’s serve and power into the back corners continued to improve, taking the title 2-0.

Final Standings:

Group A

Isabella White​

Nia Edwards

Ethan Franklin

Corey Jennings

Zack White

Jacob Whitfield

Jack Harris

Isabella Rowan

Group B

Ben Stewart

Matthew Sheldon

Ashton Dowling

Isaac Watts

Guy Popper

Oscar Whitfield

Lydia Glanville

Vincent Gillard

Group C

Charlotte Jones

Ollie Keeling

Eleanor Ward

Lara Sheldon

Lucas Lane

Amy Stewart

John Dauncey

Ben Graham

Group D

Bradley Dunstan

Will Graham

Sian Tillier-Wood

Rosie Burnard

Isabella Jones

Lisa Stewart

Kaitlyn Ward

Alex Abercrombie

James Ryan, Assistant Squash and Real Tennis Coach

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