U11’s GS Squash Festival 2018, Sussex

Dorset U11’s (well most!!) had another very full squash playing tournament, where 6 other counties were also represented, 2 Sussex teams and a mixed AllStars team also added to the mix!

The G.S squash festival is an annual tournament which Dorset have been part of for many years now, and is held Sussex.

Our first match was against the Sussex A team (Sussex have won this tournament for the last 3 years!), so was a good warm up as i explained all the other matches would seem a lot easier after this one!! Only our secret weapon Jacob Whitfield at 6 took a game, in fact he won his match 3-1!! Everyone else were not so fortunate.

Oscar and Edward Rockall (back left) then Jacob Whitfield and Harry Slade next, Front 3 from left are Oscar Whitfield, Isaac Watts and Jack Harris

Oscar and Edward Rockall (back left) then Jacob Whitfield and Harry Slade next,
Front 3 from left are Oscar Whitfield, Isaac Watts and Jack Harris

Then we were up against Middlesex who had also been beaten soundly by Sussex. Oscar Rockall and jack Harris went on first, Oscar won his first game really easily, but then lost the second and from then on it was a real close battle, Oscar coming through 13/11 and 12/10 to win it 3-1! And Jack had levelled his match to 1-1 but it slipped away losing 1-3! Oscar and Isaac didn’t get to grips with their opponents unfortunately, but Harry had an extremely close match at 1, just losing out 9/11 in the fifth!! So all round a much better performance by the team!!

Our next match was against the Sussex B team, Jacob playing again at 6 won his match 3/1, Oscar Rockall at 5 had a good tough match, losing out 1/3, Isaac had a good match against his opponent not quite grabbing a game 0/3, Jack also was very close! Oscar Whitfield came up against a very strong girl and was not allowed to get into his game! Whilst Harry came on and again played really well winning it 3/1!!

So our final match was against the All Stars, which also had Dorset Edward Rockall playing at 3. The All Stars top 3 players were over 11, but made for some good competition as they generally were being nice on court and encouraging good rallies! Jack Harris opponent particularly so, allowing Jack to even win the third and made sure Jack battled hard for every point, Jack was totally exhausted by the end!! Edward Rockall was not so kind to Oscar Whitfield!! Harry at 1 had to play a very good Sussex boy, losing 0/3 but played really well and won some great rallies. Jacob and Oscar both won 3/0 at 5 and 6 and Isaac at 4 had a good close 0-3 losing the second 10/12.

At the end of the day we came 8th out of 9th!!

Lots of experience gained and fun had!!

My player of the day though would have to go to Harry Slade, who having to play at 1, preformed also to that level, well done Harry!!

Still smiling at the end with their medals!!

Still smiling at the end with their medals!!

Thanks to all the parents for allowing their kids to partake and their support through out the day, plus for the late addition of the brothers Edward Rockall and Jacob Whitfield (Jacob was undefeated at 6 and Edward played for the Allstars at 3 and had at least 1 solid win!)

Kind Regards
Charlie Campbell-Wynter

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