Squash Player Issue 3

Issue 3 of Squash Player is now out…


NEWS: Matthew will be at British Open, Jackman’s exile, Perry’s perfect finale

ESR COLUMNS: Worth outlines his plans for change, Duggan reveals strategy for next generation of players

BRITISH OPEN PREVIEW: Ramy’s courage, Moverley’s guide to Hull, Legends’ champions predictions; Perry’s transformation; Meet the masters; the Village

INTERNATIONAL: David’s home chance of world glory; World Juniors go Dutch

CLUB SCENE: Bristol club is transformed

OFF COURT: Barker re-signs; Karakal signings; Richards’ sweatband deal; Cannon’s Grand Prix backing

FEATURES: Squash court floors; Hall of Fame: Jonah Barrington

WORKSHOP: ESR coaching awards; s ummer camps; Matthew’s pressure game; Drew’s diagnosis; Ford’s drive paying off; h ow to treat knee pain

ON COURT: Round-up; o ne to watch: George Parker; p romoters’ corner; t he Coolhurst conductor; PSA review; Players of the Month for April and May

GALLERY: I an McKenzie’s personal view

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