ESR Coaching & Volunteer Awards 2014/2015

Congratulations to Janet Biles on picking up her Special Recognition Award from England Squash & Racketball.

The award was presented to Janet at the British Nationals by head coach Chris Robertson on (semi finals day) on Saturday in Manchester. The award was made for her 15+ years of working with junior Squash players in Dorset.

Janet commented, “Thank you for nominating me, I went up to receive this award from ES&R in Manchester at the nationals on Saturday. They made it a special day for all the award winners. We had a great day watching the squash and meeting the players (shame Martin got knocked out before we saw him play). They introduced us like the players flashing lights and music we were all very nervous. I was the last one to be introduced and it was nice that Daryl Selby who was waiting to play after the ceremony recognized me from the Bournemouth match and came over to congratulate and chat to me.”

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