Over 60s County report – 2014/2015

This report covers both Over 60s County ‘weekends’ – Nov 2014 and Jan 2015.

Stage 1 – Nov 2014

This was hosted by us and played at BSC. Visiting teams were Essex, Shropshire and Oxford 2. Our squad this year has been greatly improved by the coming of age of several players, notably John Pitt & Peter Gray. We also had the services of Keith Chambers who missed last year’s matches due to illness/injury. As everyone in Dorset is aware, sadly we lost our previous no 1 Peter Farr to cancer earlier in 2014, so it was really good to be able to continue running a team in this event in which Peter had played such an important part over the last few years.

Over 60s matches comprise 3 players, with each match best of 5 games, normal scoring to 9 or 10 points.

Our squad was:

  1. John Pitt
  2. Keith Chambers
  3. Dave Bissett
  4. Peter Gray
  5. Roy Widdowson

First match was against Essex. Roy played at 3 and won 9/6 in the 5th – a bit of ding dong match with neither player in charge for any period. Keith played 2 winning 3-1 after losing the first game. John looked comfortable beating the Essex no 1 Wyn Edwards 3-0. A good start!

Next up was Shropshire. Peter replaced Roy at no 3 and never really got going, losing 3-0 after a close first game. Keith played again at no 2 and got involved in a tremendous contest eventually winning 9/5 in the fifth. It was good for Keith that he was rested on Sunday! John won again at no 1 – a very comfortable 3-0 victory.

Played 2, won 2 – Sunday’s match to win the group – this was against Oxfordshire 2. Peter played no 3 and played really well to win 3-0. Dave played no 2 and after winning the first game to love lost his way against a tricky opponent eventually losing 3-1. Down to Mr Reliable – and John completed a very successful weekend by winning 3-0 having not dropped a game in 3 matches.

Final positions:

  1. Dorset 37pts
  2. Essex 28pts
  3. Shropshire 20pts
  4. Oxon 2 10pts

Stage 2 – promotion group – Jan 2015

Having won the Stage 1 group, the Stage 2 group was for promotion. Currently we are in the 3rd level so it was important to go up for next season when it is expected that the team will be strengthened even further by new ‘recruits’.

As Merseyside dropped out the weekend changed into a 1 day event hosted by Essex at the Maldon Heath Club (near Chelmsford). The matches were against Essex (again) and Durham.

We had the same squad as for Stage 1 without Peter Gray who couldn’t make it.

First match – against Essex (again!). Roy played no 3 and couldn’t deal with an opponent who had a tricky serve and looked considerably younger than 60! A 3-0 defeat for the captain!! But comforted by the knowledge that Keith at no 2 and John at no 1 both won their matches 3-0.

Last match – vs Durham – Dave at no 3 performed a Houdini escape winning 9-8 in the fifth when all seemed lost. The only really competitive match of the day. Keith and John both won 3-0 again to seal victory in the group and (hopefully) promotion for next season.

Final positions:

  1. Dorset 25pts
  2. Essex 17pts
  3. Durham 4pts

All in all a very successful season – full marks to John Pitt – played 5 matches and didn’t drop game playing no 1. Well done John!!

Roy Widdowson, Over 60s Captain

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