End of Season Junior Squash Tournament Report – Sunday 22nd April 2018

Today saw a wealth of Dorset’s junior squash players descend upon The West Hants Club for its annual end of season tournament and presentation. 32 young players fought it out on court in the morning whilst 18 of our older and more experienced top county players joined forces and battled hard during the afternoon.

The morning saw 4 groups of 8 players each play 3 matches. The juniors played the best of 3 games and it was our youngest player of the day, who, in his first tournament, stole the glory! Little Lucas Lane who turned 8 years old in January sailed through his matches without dropping a game to win group A against some much older opponents. He is a star in the making.

There were no clean sheets in group B as they all battled tirelessly for positions. Again one of our youngest players in the group, 9 year old Cameron Knijff, fought his way through to the final to face 11 year old Vincent Gillard. Both boys produced some good squash with Cam narrowly winning in the third.

It was definitely a day for the youngest players as Oscar Whitfield and Isaac Watts, the youngest two in group C, made it to the final, with Oscar winning 11/9, 11/8.

Group D saw Toby Anderson and Ben Stewart battle it out in the final with Toby just edging a victory in the third.

We had 12 girls interspersed with the boys this morning playing some super squash, which was wonderful to see. A huge well done goes to each and every one of the players. We saw energy, smiles and new friendships made.

The afternoon saw 10 year old Harry Slade playing some great squash against his much older opponent Eve Bailey. Eve clinched the fifth set to win to the group. The second group was a box with Noah Campbell-Wynter storming through the afternoon without dropping a game. The third and final group of the afternoon saw the top 2 seeds Joe Cook and Miles Ewins play some high quality squash in the final with Joe winning 3-0.

The afternoon finished up with a presentation and the awards were allocated as follows;

Dorset Junior U11 Boys Player of the Year 2017-18

This year’s player of the season goes to one little lad who constantly battles away, never gives up, always has a 100% positive attitude and one who you can rely on being there (although not here today!!) He is a delight to have in the team, a battler, a smiler, a real pleasure… Jack Harris

Dorset Junior U13 Girls Player of the Year 2017-18

Coach Fran found that it has been a very tough decision to make as all the girls worked so hard this year. During training this player was very focused and dedicated to tasks, giving 100% in physical, tactical and technical tasks. She took advice well and improved within training sessions which then showed in her matches as she used shots and movement patterns that they had practised. She also improved psychologically as she began to get more resilient in matches, having longer rallies and not giving up, even if she wasn’t winning. Fran’s player of the season goes to… Abi Russell.

Dorset Junior U15 Boys Player of the Year 2017-18

This player had 2 very close encounters in the Inter Counties stage 2 against Wiltshire and Cornwall and showed how much his game has moved on. He is a great battler, though he sometimes gets frustrated with himself. His Wiltshire match went to 2-2 and he converted it well, winning 3-2, which gave Dorset a much needed win! Next were tougher opponents, Cornwall, where he again managed to claw back to 2-2, but unfortunately losing in the fifth. For showing great determination and character Charlie’s player of the season goes to… David Offer.

Dorset Junior U17 Girls Player of the Year 2017-18

The girls U17’s team were disadvantaged from the very start of the season when they lost both their numbers 1 and 2. However the team stepped up and fought fearlessly against strong opposition. Bev’s player of the season goes to a player who had to lead from the front playing some seriously strong and very experienced number 1’s.  Well done to… Georgia Fordham.

Dorset Junior U19 Player of the Year 2017-18

Andy would like to award this year’s player of the season to someone who is committed and reliable, always turning up for training and never giving up in matches, albeit some tough encounters on court. Well done to… Julian Abbott

Club player trophy – This award goes to someone who has progressed in to his club senior team and regularly helps out with junior sessions. Our younger players really love him. He is a real inspiration as he has a number of knock backs over the last few years with injury and health, but still he loves squash and is now working hard to get his own fitness back. Charlie Hill, you really do deserve this award.

Biles Trophy – This player has been nominated by Charlie C-W who has been impressed with the effort that this player puts in each week. He is one of our most keen youngsters, always adding up the scores, always wanting to win with such wonderful enthusiasm. This year this award goes to Guy Popper.

Lanz Trophy – This year, this award doesn’t go to one of our older players but to one of our players who has played up through the age groups. She is a real inspiration. She works so hard, she completely deserves her national ranking and of her newly appointed cap, representing England U13’s in the 5 nations in France last month. She is a fantastic role model especially to all of our young female players. Well done Amy Campbell–Wynter.

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