AGM & LMC Minutes 2015

Dorset Squash & Racketball
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
League Management Committee Meeting (LMC)

Wednesday 15th July 2015 @ 19:30
At The West Hants Club, Roslin Road South, Bournemouth, Dorset BH3 7EF

The President and Chairman, David Williams welcomed all to the meeting and introduced the officers and Committee members.

1. Apologies
Andy Corben
Rowena Hill
Charlie Campbell-Wynter
Tracy Parker
Cliff Warren
Nick Macey

Present (and clubs represented) –
Bournemouth Sports: Martin Greenslade, Tash Coker, Roy Widdowson, Brian Barnes, Ian Hayden, Richard Harrison, Steve O’Neill, Lee Keely, Martin Player
Bridport: Dave Stewart
Canford: Geoff O’Neill, Gary Boome
David Lloyd Ringwood: David Williams, Bill Thatcher
Dorchester: Lee Loder, Dave Whittingham, Andy Notley, Paul White
Ferndown: James Ryan, Simon Jennings, Philip Horlock, Kevin Horlock
Hamworthy: Not represented
Haymoor: Chris Turner, Ola Williams, Keith Chambers
JP Blandford: John Pitt, Ian Miles, Mike James
Milford: Ian Chislett Bruce
Purbeck: Not represented
Springfield: Not represented
Two Riversmeet: Heath Wallace, Phil James, Jason Collier, Richard Cheal
West Hants: Mark Hurd, Keith Chambers, Bev Vatcher, Jane Smith, Chris Cant
Weymouth: Janet Biles, Lee Biles
Joanna Holburn

2. Approval of minutes of 2014 AGM:
The minutes of the 2014 AGM were accepted as a true record by all present.
Proposed: Ian Chislett-Bruce Seconded: Gary Boome

3. Matters Arising from 2014 minutes:
There were no matters arising.

4. Annual Reports
a) Chairperson’s Report – David Williams
See Appendix A
In addition to David’s written report (attached) he congratulated Bev Vatcher on becoming the over 45’s National Racketball Champion last weekend in Birmingham.

David also attended a newly formed South Regional Forum on Friday 10th July which comprises regional representatives from Wiltshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Dorset. David advised the meeting that he was very proud of just how well Dorset is doing by comparison to the other counties, some of which are struggling for Committee member, Coaches and facilities.

b) Treasurer’s Report –Joanna Holburn
See Appendix B

c) League Co-ordinator’s Report – Ian Chislett-Bruce
See Appendix C
See Appendix D for final results

5. Adoption of the Constitution
There were no changes to the constitution.
The Constitution was adopted by all present.
Proposed: Janet Biles; Seconded: Gary Boome

6. Adoption of Accounts
The accounts were adopted as a true and accurate record of Dorset Squash’s financial affairs by all present (See attached Appendix B for the Dorset Squash Accounts 2014 -2015)
Proposed: Gary Boome; Seconded: Brian Barnes

7. Subscription Rates for the coming year:
This item was moved to the LMC agenda.

8. Election of President
David Williams agreed to stand again as President and was duly elected to the position by all present.

9. Election of Management Committee
All nominations had been received by the Secretary in accordance with the Constitution of Dorset Squash.
Mark Hurd explained he would not now be standing for Chairperson due to an increase in his workload.

Nominations for Main Officers 2014 – 2015

Chairperson David Williams
Vice Chairperson Mark Hurd
Honorary Treasurer Joanna Holburn
Honorary Secretary Jane Smith

Nominations for Positions on General Committee 2014-2015

League & Cup Coordinator Ian Chislett-Bruce
Assistant League & Cup Coordinator Natasha Coker
Website Manager Brian Barnes
Junior County Manager Bev Vatcher
County Team Co-ordinator Martin Greenslade
Head of Coaching Andy Corben
Refereeing & Marking Coordinator David Williams
Tournament Organiser Gary Boome
Tournament Organiser Nick Macey
ES&R Liaison Keith Chambers
Press Officer Rowena Hill
Senior Men’s Captain Heath Wallace
Regional Representative Janet Biles

All the above nominations were approved by all present.
All the above positions Proposed: Mark Hurd, Seconded: Ian Chislett-Bruce.

Joanna Holburn has given notice of her intention to retire as Treasurer at next year’s AGM, therefore the position will become vacant and a new Treasurer is needed.

Basil Hebden Award

David Williams then advised the meeting that the Basil Hebden Award would be awarded to Nick Macey and Gary Boome for their outstanding contribution to Dorset Squash and Racketball, both sponsoring and running successful tournaments. Most recently taking on the new challenge of running the SW Regional Closed Racketball tournament at West Hants for the first time. Unfortunately Nick Macey was unable to attend as he was on holiday.

Gary Boome receives the Basil Hebden Award

Gary Boome receives the Basil Hebden Award

The meeting concluded at 8.15pm

Presentation of cups and prizes to League winners

Div 1 Squash Bournemouth Sports 1
Div 2 Squash Bournemouth Sports 2
Div 3 Squash 2 Riversmeet 3
Div 4 Squash Weymouth 2
Div 5 Squash Ferndown 5
Div 1 Racketball West Hants 1
Div 2 Racketball Dorchester 1
Div 3 Racketball West Hants 5
Div 1 Squash – Bournemouth Sports 1

Div 1 Squash – Bournemouth Sports 1

Div 2 Squash – Bournemouth Sports 2

Div 2 Squash – Bournemouth Sports 2

Div 3 Squash – 2 Riversmeet 3

Div 3 Squash – 2 Riversmeet 3

Div 4 Squash – Weymouth 2

Div 4 Squash – Weymouth 2

Div 5 Squash – Ferndown 5

Div 5 Squash – Ferndown 5

Div 1 Racketball West Hants 1

Div 1 Racketball West Hants 1

Div 2 Racketball – Dorchester 1

Div 2 Racketball – Dorchester 1

Div 3 Racketball – West Hants 5

Div 3 Racketball – West Hants 5

League Management Committee Meeting (LMC)

Chaired by Ian Chislett-Bruce

The notes below cover the items discussed and agreed at the LMC.

League Structure & Composition

The proposed structure for the Squash and Racketball leagues for Winter 2015-16 were circulated.

There was a discussion regarding the proposal from Charlie Campbell-Wynter that Two Riversmeet 3 do not take promotion to Division 2 and that Two Riversmeet 2 be put in Division 2 as they do not have the strength of players to participate in Division 1. The second team should have been relegated but were kept in Division 1 at the request of Charlie C-W and also to allow for restructuring to 4 Divisions from 5.

It was agreed that Two Riversmeet 3 would be promoted to Division 2 and Charlie C-W would have to decide whether the second team would stay in Division 1, move to Division 2 or withdraw.

The meeting was asked for their opinions on merging Divsions 2 and 3 in the Racketball. This would create almost a match every week and those clubs that used players for both squash and racketball considered that they would be unable to play two matches a week. It was agreed that the Divisions would remain as two separate Divisions.

The fee for entering the Winter Leagues would remain at £80 with a £15 reduction for those clubs attending the AGM/LMC. This fee is based on a Division of 10 teams. For Divisions with less than 10 teams the rate will be pro rata. This is in line with the payments last season. Invoices will be sent to each club once the situation with the structure has been resolved.

There were no proposals for the rules of Squash or Racketball to be amended.

It was agreed that there would be no handicapping for Division 1 Racketball teams coming up from Division 2. The rules will be amended.

It was agreed that to increase the number of players in the Racketball team to 5 may cause difficulty for teams and also with the amount of court time that is available. Teams will remain at 4 players.

There was a discussion regarding the colour racketball ball to be used in Divisions 2 and 3. It was agreed to use black for Division 2 and Division 3 will remain using blue. It is hoped that eventually only black balls will be used across County Racketball matches. Andy Notley was the only person against this proposal. Bev Vatcher requested that West Hants 5 be moved from Division 3 to Division 2 in order to be able to use black balls. Agreed. The rules will be amended.

In order to provide a facility to allow new players to gain experience at playing team matches it was agreed that there will be contact details for those clubs willing to play social matches on the website. This can be for both Squash and Racketball. There are already some clubs playing social matches and it is hoped that more clubs will become involved. The structure for the matches will be decided between the two teams. In this way it is intended to increase the teams playing in the County Leagues.

The Winter Knockout Cup will remain a knockout competition with each division competing separately.

See Appendix E for league structure for 2015-16

PDFs and Appendices

AGM & LMC minutes 2015

AGM 2015 Appendix A

AGM 2015 Appendix B

AGM 2015 Appendix C

AGM 2015 Appendix D

AGM 2015 Appendix E

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